Pietro Bonelli Group

Sounds enigmas that are formed according to their own sentimental geography whose the paths, sometimes undefined, obey the strange twists of dreams, places and people we love.

Music is the sum of all these experiences, born of a need for inner nourishment.
The Pietro Bonelli Group wanders these pathways, fabricating an acoustic project of great charm and appeal.

With the tried and tested and extremely harmonious quartet which has distinguished itself in the recent past through its repertoire of primarily latin jazz, Bonelli has recorded a new album (Soleà) which is a mixture of the sounds of Latin America, jazz, and the freshness of Mediterranean music.

The project took shape not with the intention of capturing the attention of a more or less experienced audience, but to sow and cultivate emotions, to carefully and patiently manipulate the energy that is born and grows in the minds of the audience during the performance, almost as if Bonelli were weaving a delicate and invisible texture between his own emotions and those of his audience.

In flamenco music, all of this could be simply described with the term duende.


Pietro Bonelli (guitars)
Mario Zara (piano)
Ezio Salfa (bass)
Barbara Mavilia (drums)